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The beginning of a new life is the sweetest moment in my opinion. The Sleepy faces, tiny toes, and squishy smiles of your new baby will stay in your heart forever. There’s nothing more precious to me than capturing those first few days of life of a beautiful newborn baby to cherish for a lifetime.




Newborn sessions are fun, long and special. Each session lasts 2-3 hours. Parents and Siblings are welcome to join if arrangements are made prior session to bring towards the beginning or the end of the session. Newborn sessions take place within the first 14 days of life and are held at my studio, however I am more than happy to bring a mini portable studio to your home for a small extra fee.

Feel free to book your session before the baby is born. It is a good rule of thumb to book your date for 10 days (or less) from your scheduled due date and then if we need to move the date when the baby is born that is no problem. To achieve those sleepy newborn poses, it is best to schedule your session within the first 10 days of your baby’s new life. (That being said, I am happy to photograph your baby at any age, we just might have some props and poses restrictions).


Working with newborns takes four very important things:

1-Patience …lots and lots of patience. Babies have their own schedule and we can’t rush it through it. Heat, your baby will be naked, so we need a really warm room and props. This is also a warning for parents to come prepared to sweat. We will all be a sweaty mess when it is over, but your newborn hopefully will be cozy and comfortable the whole time.

2-White noise or ambient sounds, you will be surprised what a bit of white noise can do to calm a baby.

3-Time, as mentioned before babies have their own schedule and we may need to take breaks for feeding and changes. To make the most of each session and capture just the perfect images we can’t rush through a session. Please prepare to spend up to 3 hours on your session and to sweat.

Together we will spend lots of time snuggling, cuddling, posing, propping, feeding, cleaning up after and just making sure baby is comfortable, happy and sleepy. Your baby will poop or pee on me and/or my backgrounds and props. This is pretty normal and I would be surprise if it doesn’t happen. Don’t worry about it when it happens, it is all just part of the session and it will be okay!

I offer a variety of props and backdrops but welcome personal items such as hats, headbands, or family heirlooms. During session we will soothe your baby to sleep and photograph him or her in several different poses and props. We will also pay special attention to photographing tiny details such as the baby’s hands, feet, eyes, and nose.

My goal is to make this session special and in making sure we are on the same page in hope the final product turns out exactly the way you dreamed. Thank you for trusting and choosing me to be part of this special day.




Newborn Mini Collection : $400 (BABY ONLY)


  • Consultation
  • 1 hour session 
  • 1 beanbag set up & detail shots
  • 5 digital Images with print release
  • 10 Social Media Images
  • Does not include family/sibling photos
  • Viewing & ordering appointment 2 weeks after session

Newborn Collection 1 : $800 


  • Consultation
  • 2-3 hour session
  • 2 beanbag set, 1 prop set, 1 digital background set up, detail shots & family/sibling photos
  • 10 digital Images with print release
  • All Social Media Images
  • Viewing & ordering appointment 2 weeks after session

Newborn Collection 2 : $1,000


  • Consultation
  • 3-4 hour session
  • 3 beanbag set, 2 prop sets, 3 digital background set up, detail shots, & family/sibling photos
  • All digital images with print release
  • All Social Media Images
  • Viewing & ordering appointment 2 weeks after session

OH sales taxes applies to all collections and orders. A non-refundable $100 retainer is due at the time of booking. 

Contact me at info@talitaspringerphotography.com for full product pricing.


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Nothing is more fulfilling than capturing a moment, an expression or an emotion that is at the core of a relationship. I love documenting those special moments, I simply love what I do. Many thanks for your interest in my work and I hope to one day touch your heart with images of your beautiful children.