Samantha's Breastfeeding Session | Talita Springer Photography | Dayton Ohio

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I have the honor to share Samantha's images in honor of World Breastfeeding Week with you all. 




"As a mother of four, I have experienced plenty of struggles with breastfeeding..."




"...Nipple shield, supplementing, exclusively pumping, tongue and lip ties, nursing through cracked and bleeding nipples. But overcoming all of those was always worth it..."




"...Nursing was never more important to me than this time with my 4th, after an emergency C-section. It has helped me to bond, and cope with the loss of gently and lovingly bringing my child into the world. The moment he first latched brought so much healing..."




"...I hope that this project will help encourage other women who are struggling with breastfeeding to stick through it, and will show them how much it is worth it."


DSC_9398DSC_9398 DSC_9400DSC_9400


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