Madison's Breastfeeding Session | Talita Springer Photography | Dayton Ohio

August 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment



Im excited to share Madison's images in honor of World Breastfeeding Week with you all. 




"Breastfeeding to me is LIFE. It is how we were created to feed our babies. Its also a love/hate relationship. Even though God created our Breasts to nourish our children it is not always an easy task..."




"... I struggled nursing my oldest 2. Different reasons affected each child and mines breastfeeding relationship i was determined to make breastfeeding happen with our third.. but we also not only entered a whole new world of a daughter, but also EBF, AND food allergies... that took a huge toll on our nursing relationship but i tried to learn as much as i could and cut out what i needed to keep nursing her..."



"... Then at 5 months i got pregnant unexpectedly.. and as soon as i got pregnant she weaned and at the same time we lost that baby... pregnant with number 4 and i was determined more than ever.. no matter if it had allergies or not i was going to nurse...It wasn't and easy start because she had severe ties..."




"...and low weight gain but at 3.5 she still nurses occasionally even through pregnancy of number 5 now i'm nursing number 5 whom is 20 months old and even though its been a VERY tough road (very severe food allergies and a very limited diet for myself) i still push on because it is what is best for her :) ..."




"...Its not always LOVE, but when you look down at those sweet eyes and know that everything in that moment is right in their world... its perfect !!




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