Kaye's Breastfeeding Session | Talita Springer Photography | Dayton Ohio

August 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment



I have the honor to share Kaye's images in honor of World Breastfeeding Week with you all. 




"My breastfeeding journey has been long and filled with amazing highs and heartbreaking lows. Yet with each baby I found such a lovely bond no matter the circumstances. I have loved nursing my babies! Yet knowing this is the last baby I will breastfeed is so bitter sweet..."




"... I love that I am able to produce exactly what she needs to grow and yet there's a meloncholy air knowing this is the end. Two of my children were excellent nursers with little to no difficulties. My other two children had journeys fraught with issues and tears and worry. Each time I learned something new, either about breastfeeding, myself, or my children. There are a lot of aspects to motherhood in which I feel very lacking..."




"...But breastfeeding has given me a drive to do better. After all, if I can push through painful latching, low supply, searing pain, and teething then I can persevere through the other rough parts of motherhood with a bit of determination and patience..."




"...There are days where I know that breastfeeding has saved my life. Knowing that I am the provider of sustenance and comfort for my baby has kept my depression from over taking me on terrible days..."




"...I will miss nursing when this little girl eventually weans but I will look back on my breastfeeding days with love, contentment, joy, and a delicate mix of euphoric sadness."




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