The Nurturing Mother - Kristin by Talita Springer | Dayton Ohio Photographer

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The Nurturing Mother - Kristin Eagan





This is Kristin and her babies, another mother who like all of all others only wants the best for her babies and her family! Her entering to motherhood was not as she planned or expected. Hmm she's not all that different from any of us is she?!! A little bit I learned from her was enough to know she's another strong mother who will do her best to be the best mom her babies can have. I am so honored to share it with you...






" I am a mother of three. My oldest daughter was born with pneumonia. I wanted so badly to breastfeed her, but doctors said no food for the first 24 hours and only bottle for the next 24 hours due to her breathing troubles..."





"...Once they told me I could try to breastfeed her again, she would scream and cry at the breast. She already had nipple confusion and I felt like I tried everything but it just made her cry more. We continued to try until one day she screamed at the breast for an hour. I sat her down and as I started to leave the special care nursery at the hospital, she projectile vomited from crying so hard. That was the end of our breastfeeding journey. I had a lot of guilt for a long time for giving up so soon as I sometimes saw it, but the stress on me and my baby was too much at the time and it was what we needed. I pumped and fed her for maybe a week and gave that up too. We switched to formula. People judged me for formula feeding. They judged me for giving up so quickly. I always got the looks and the comments when I said I tried but we couldn't..."




"...Now I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. My breastfeeding journey this time was successful with both of them, with several bumps and trials along the way. I made it nursing my son through a pregnancy, my milk drying up, nursing aversion, and even through me thinking he had weaned for a couple months when he refused to nurse. My daughter only wants my right side and will scream until I finally switch her, but we are still going. Now people judge me for breastfeeding..."


Reading this its just heart wracking! We mother's just can't win can we?! No matter what choice we make for our children it will always be the wrong one for someone. Just remember that! Don't allow someone's opinion dictate how you raise your children. You know what is best for them not the mom next door or that one person who is not even a mom and is full of experience and opinions to share. 





"...I get comments for nursing in public, I have been told I should just go to the car, or at least I'm covering up. People asked me why I won't just give them a bottle, and many have said he is too old to nurse. Whether I am formula feeding or nursing, there will always be someone that has a problem with it. I am a loving, nurturing mother that breastfeeds my baby and my toddler and they are my entire world. I am a loving, nurturing mother that formula fed my oldest daughter and she is and was my entire world."






Motherhood is hardly ever what we expect and planned. Life is full of trials, challenges, sadness, happiness, love, heartbreaking. My hope with this project is that we come together as mothers and support each other no matter how we choose to raise our children. 

We as mothers learn to adapt, to choose and to do what we believe is best for our children and our family. We enter motherhood with enough challenge as it is and we shouldn't have to stress or worry about being judged by others who don't agree with our choices.  There should be no judging, discrimination because one made a different choice than the other. Because one choice seems more "natural" than the other. No matter what your choice is, how you do things or with what. When there is love and best intention, you are the nurturing mother your child needs.

You are being your best and you are the world to your child!



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